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How To Play

  • Install World Of Warcraft
  • Install The Burning Crusade (If you want to)
  • Install The Wrath of the Lich King (If you want to)
  • Apply 3.2.2a Patch
  • Edit your "" (C;\program files\worldofwarcaft\data\enUS\ and change "Set Realmlist" TO "set Realmlist ""
  • Create Account On This Website
  • Check your E-mail And Activate Account (Disabled At the moment)
  • Read the Server Rules
  • Support us with a Vote
  • Have Fun!
[OPTION] By running Launcher.exe located in ./world of warcraft/launcher.exe you will be able to update your client.
[NOTE] This server is up to date with patch 3.2.2a. So its ok to load the newest patch.