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Server Info

Server Info
Simultanous Players Connected Limit
Max Character Level
Number of Allowed Primary Trade Skills
Number of Signers Needed For Guild Petition
Horde and Alliance Interaction
Allow Both Horde and Alliance on Same Account
Allow Chat between Horde and Alliance
Allow Channels with Both Horde and Alliance
Allow Groups with Both Horde and Alliance
Allow Guilds with Both Horde and Alliance
Allow Auction/Trade between Horde and Alliance
Show Both Horde and Alliance on /who List
Server Rates
Health Recovery Rate
Mana Recovery Rate
Rage Increase Rate
Rage Decrease Rate
Item Drop Rate Poor
Item Drop Rate Normal
Item Drop Rate Uncommon
Item Drop Rate Rare
Item Drop Rate Epic
Item Drop Rate Legendary
Item Drop Rate Artifact
Item Drop Rate Referenced
Money Drop Rate
Experience Rate from Kills
Experience Rate from Quests
Experience Rate from Exploration
Damage from Normal Creatures
Damage from Elites
Damage from Rare Elites
Damage from World Bosses
Damage from Rare Mobs
HP of Normal Creatures
HP of Elites
HP of Rare Elites
HP of World Bosses
HP of Rare Mobs
Rest Exp Growth Rate In-game
Rest Exp Growth Rate at Cities/Inns
Rest Exp Growth Rate in Wilderness
Talent Points Gain
Skill Chance Values